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Presta offers the latest mobile phones and other electronic gadgets to consumers via lease arrangements. Customers have the option to buy the items they have been leasing. However they do not have to make a purchase. Some people like to change phones on a regular basis. Others may need to switch to a different kind of device that is more appropriate for their needs after a few months. In these situations, the type of arrangement that is offered by Presta is ideal.

These are just some of the products that Presta clients can lease from the company and purchase if they choose to:

  • They offer the Apple iPad 2, which has 16 GB of memory. This model is lighter than the previous iPad and available in white.
  • The Apple iPod Touch, which allows users to play their favorite songs wherever they go, is a popular choice. This gadget is designed to be taken anywhere. It is built for work and play. It also comes with games.
  • The sleek, HP Desktop Pro is also available from Presta. It has a number of features which make it a useful asset at work or home.
Presta: What makes it different?

Presta is unique in the marketplace. The company offers clients an easy way to use their favorite devices with the option to have it forever. If they want to change to something else, clients are not locked in by a contract.

  • Presta clients can lease any device they want to at a reasonable price.
  • There is not a long waiting period for people who want to join Presta. New customers can find out if they qualify for an account quickly.
  • Customers are not obligated to purchase the product that they have been leasing.
  • Clients do not have to worry about debt when Presta delivers this kind of service to them.
  • Presta delivers the hottest products to consumers at prices that do not make it stressful to use the merchandise.
  • The company offers game consoles, TVs and laptops and does not charge any interest for it.
  • Payments are made each week, each fortnight or every month.
  • The number of payments depends on the price of the item. The company aims to make the weekly payment affordable for each client.
  • No one has to make a long commitment when they do business with Presta. They can exit the arrangement any time they choose to.
Presta vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Presta)

Presta does not have any competition in the marketplace. It is designed to fill a gap among companies that offer appliances to members of the public. It is described as an evolution in the way that retailers in the industry do business.

Most of the time people who want to access a new computer, smart phone or television have very limited options. They may buy a product after they have saved up the money to do so. They may also choose to go into debt by getting a loan to purchase the item or buying it on their credit card. Sometimes people are permitted to pay for merchandise at regular intervals however they have to purchase the item.

Presta customers do not have to go into debt or save for an extended period in order to enjoy a new product on the market. If they choose to, they can end the arrangement with Presta any time they want to and try a new electronic product that is available from the company.

There is no other store that focuses solely on getting electronic products into the hands of consumers, at rates they can afford. Prospective Presta customers who have bad credit do not have to worry that they will be prevented from accessing the service. In addition to this, all their financial information is kept strictly confidential.

Presta: Pricing & packages

Presta’s prices make them very attractive to their customers

  • Presta does not charge any interest on any of their transactions.
  • All transactions are considered to be rental-purchase agreements. In some states these are known as lease agreements with an option to purchase or rent-to-own agreements.
  • Patrons can pay using their credit card or debit card.

An Apple iPad costs $549 upfront.

Clients who want to pay weekly are charged $21 per week for a 52 period.

An Apple iPod Touch costs $239 upfront.

  • This device has a built in camera. The quality of the photos is very high so you capture your favorite events. It has a screen with multi-touch capabilities.
  • Weekly payments are $9 and last 52 weeks.

An HP Desktop Pro is priced at $759.

  • With this powerful product, clients get a personal computer that is fully equipped to handle a variety of needs. It is very fast because it’s built with a dual-core processor. It has a webcam, a microphone and built-in WiFi so clients can access the Internet wherever they are.
  • Customers pay $29 per week to access this device.

Clients may choose to:

Presta: Product images & screenshots
Presta Coupons
Presta: Customer reviews & comments

Presta’s customers have been using the service since the company was founded in October 2011. Since then, there have not been any negative reports about the quality of the service they offer.

Presta have attracted customers with these features:

  • They take less than three days to ship goods to their customers using the most popular option for delivery. Other orders will arrive within ten days.
  • Clients are sent a confidential email when their item is shipped. This correspondence contains information they can use to track their delivery.
  • It is easy to make payments because the company will automatically deduct their fee from their customer’s debit card on the date that they get paid.
  • When a person applies for the service, their application is kept confidential.
  • People do not need to have excellent credit in order to do business with them.
  • Clients who have a problem with their product should contact the company immediately.
  • Presta offers customers an option that they can try risk-free. They are under no obligation to continue using the service at any time.
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